Aktaion – “The Parade Of Nature”


Aktaion – “The Parade Of Nature” (www.facebook.com/Aktaion1)

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Wow – if you’re a fan of monster heavy riffing then Sweden’s Aktaion have it in bunches on the amazing sophomore! Taking the mind bending djent riffs of Gojira and the aggressive chundering of Machine Head, Aktaion roll it all together into one aggressive yet very catchy album that is sure to turn heads. Formed only last year (!), the band have already released a debut in “Throne” and driven on by guitarist Francis Larsson, who pens most of the material, Aktaion have managed to attract guests like Christopher Amott (Armageddon, Arch Enemy) and Joey Concepcion (Dead By Wednesday, Armageddon) this time round who have only served to up their standard even more on tracks like ‘Candid Flow of the Shrapnel Dust’ or ‘Death Coloured Gold’. Besides their obvious heavy bottom end, what impresses are the quieter pieces, prog like choral harmonies and of course, the stunning melodies like on ‘The Silent Song’ which really bring an embracing atmosphere and emotional level seldom seen in melodic death metal bands. Already with a couple tours in the bag from Scandinavia and being part of the Blood Mantra Balkan Tour with Krysthla, Thy Disease, Hate and the legendary Decapitated, Aktaion will be embarking on yet another Euro tour later this year, and on the strength of this album, I strongly urge no one to miss them!

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