ALASTOR “Black Magic”

“Black Magic”
(Twin Earth)

Battle Helm Rating

There are times when I look at what Sweden has brought the world and all I feel is pride. We are a small country. London and even New York has more citizens than us yet Sweden has brought with it so many great (and bad things – Swedish Hollywood Wives is just bad) things that it is hard to not drop your jaw in awe. Just like Swedish sin is a thing Swedish doom is a thing. Everything from doom rock to doom metal can be found in the fauna that is Swedish metal. ALASTOR is a band from southern Sweden whose doom is heavy and slow(er) than it is epic. This is funeral doom with really being funeral. It is raw and gritty with a 70s feeling to it. ALASTOR have managed to merge rawness with an old school feeling. This is pretty darn cool. Anders Ekdahl

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