ALASTOR ”Slave To The Grave”

”Slave To The Grave”
(Riding Easy Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Southern Sweden’s doom merchants are back with a new album. And that is a high light of the year, at least if you like your doom with a psychedelic touch. This is darker than even the darkest winter day in Sweden. There is nothing uplifting about this at all. But that is also the way it is supposed to be. This is doom, not pop punk. Musically this is like another continuation of that epic debut album from 1970 that we all know and love so much. ALASTOR are slow and groovy but not in some hippie groovy way. This is groovy in that lurking in the catacombs way that everybody with a sane love for dark doom enjoys on a Sunday afternoon. Can you tell that I like this? Anders Ekdahl

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