ALBATROSS “The Kissing Flies”

”The Kissing Flies”
ALBATROSS, Mastodon, Ahab. All cool words that are being used as band names. I have no clue what this is going to be but I really hope that the music will match the band name; that this is going to be really heavy and doomy. This is doomy and heavy yet soft. There is a progressive touch to this in a 70s kinda way. I like this kind of approach. There is a feeling of freedom to the music that feels dated in a very special way. What I like about listening to records from the 70s is that feeling of not giving a fuck what it sounds like as long as it sounds good. I get that sort of vibe when I listen to this album, in an updated version. This is yet another band whose music is a straight descendant to Black Sabbath’s early work. It doesn’t get better than that really. Anders Ekdahl

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