ALBEZ DUZ “Enigmatic Rites”

“Enigmatic Rites”

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I reviewed German ALBEZ DUZ’ previous album calling it a more metal-like Ghost. Perhaps not the most hip references then and not even today. But that was the vibe I got back then. And to be honest I still hear that same kinda vibe in the new one. But mostly because they seem to have drunk from the same influence chalice. This is doomy occult metal that has that mysterious vibe to it that you found back in the 80s with bands like Witchfynde, Mercyful Fate etc. but without sounding anything like any of those bands. I struggle with coming up with any bands that I can compare this to yet I do have the names on the tip of my tongue. That is the kinda band that ALBEZ DUZ is. You think you know their influences but you cannot pin point them exactly. But that is what makes this album so a good album. Anders Ekdahl

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