ALBEZ DUZ “Wings Of Tzinacan”

“Wings Of Tzinacan”

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It might sound cool to invoke the spirit of some ancient culture but I have no idea what that might mean in terms of music. You got Nile and their Egyptology. Melechesh with their Middle Eastern culture. And not to mention all those fascinated with the ancient South American cultures. But what does all this has to do with metal? Not very much if you look at the culture aspect. But it does ad a cool vibe to the whole thing. I have no idea what ALBEZ DUZ are about but I do like the sounds that they produce. I immediately thought of a heavier, more metal Ghost. This has that greater than life kind of feeling. Musically this is heavy, doomy metal with an epic feel. Like the soundtrack to the forthcoming apocalypse. Anders Ekdahl

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