ALBINO RHINO – “Albino Rhino”

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“Albino Rhino”
Inverse Records

What better cover for an album from a band like Albino Rhino than a big old moss covered rock!? Heavy old fashioned doom metal is what you’re in for here but unlike a lot of doom metal this doesn’t bore me completely to tears. There is more than enough movement, groove and harkening back to the old days to keep me awake and attentive. Vocals are rough but still rather clean, along the lines of Saint Vitus & Black Sabbath with no real extreme (death) vocals. Said to be recorded live in one take so as to be reproducible in a live situation, parts of the album have a jam session / demo-like quality which reminds me of some live album releases of Iron Butterfly and Atomic Rooster.  If this sounds like your cup of tea I know you’ll enjoy this!

-Josh Cook

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