ALCHEMY “Dyadic”

(Street Symphonies Records/Burning Minds Music Group)

Battle Helm Rating

Melodic hardrock is not something that I listen to too often. Not that I don’t like but because I don’t get sent too many of that sort of albums. But once I do 99% of them are really good. But the lack of these type of albums in my review lists also means that I don’t really is that in the know of what is good today. So all my references are like from the 80s. but I guess If you like this kind of music that is the decade to go back to, to find all the good references. This to my ears is a fine example of what melodic hardrock is all about. If you like stuff like Bon Jovi’s debut album or the more hair band of that era you will like this too. But this is not just a nostalgic trip. It is still very much contemporary and works just as well if you have no sort of relation to the 80s. A cool album that I will spin in my car instead of listening to the radio playing the classics. Anders Ekdahl

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