Alestorm – “Sunset On The Golden Age”


Alestorm – “Sunset On The Golden Age” (Napalm Records)

Bacon powered pirate core – it doesn’t get any more jolly than this with Cap’n Bowes and his rum lovin crew! Mixing a hearty brand of pirate folk melodies and a broadside of raucous rock metal, Scotland’s Alestorm have been galavanting the oceans since 2008 and offer a swashbuckling take on life in merry knees up songs like ‘Drink’, ‘Mead From Hell’ – not to mention their cheeky but fine cover of Taio Cruz’s ‘Hangover’ – complete with raps lol! From Bowes own rough n ready vocals to smoking accordions and a treasure chest full of catchy material it’s like Hogmanay on the high seas as Alestorm cannily mix elements of punk n folk with plenty of drunken revelry and tankard swinging, tavern wasting singalong banter. Now on their 4th album, they’ve mastered the art of writing short but memorable songs that are easy to latch onto, which along with their musicianship, many people overlook in sometimes dismissing the ‘fun’ aspect of the band for seeming lack of seriousness. Still, no one can deny they’ve come a long way since being a pub band in Perth to now doing world tours and that’s gotta be cos these salty sea dogs are a landlubbers dream for partying. If Alestorm’s music be the ale of life, then booze on matey’s – yarrrr!

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