Alexis Kings – “Kings Keep It Sexy”


Alexis Kings – “Kings Keep It Sexy” EP (

‘…make way like it’s 1972!!..’ Well, I doubt if Brendan Aherne (vocals) and Sam Privett (guitar) were even born during that time but at least they have fine taste taking elements of Zepp and The Rolling Stones, fusing it into a modern indie beat a la Kings Of Leon that’s got them raved about all over London’s pub and club circuit! With cheeky boyish indie vocals, they hit the funky big beat in style on the get up and be loud ‘Brothers’ whilst offering a more laid back classic rock groove on the aforementioned ‘1972’ – an interesting contrast showing the talent of these guys as they bring back big catchy riffs with big drums n big guitars in a real rock sound. Alexis Kings may have a quirky name, but their punch is as true as it is straight into your mouth!

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