ALFAHANNE “Alfapocalyptic Rock”

”Alfapocalyptic Rock”
(Iron Fist Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

I cannot say that I have paid ALFAHANNE (eng: Alfamale) any sort of attention previously but having been sent this two track 7” I have no choice but to listen to it. As I wasn’t familiar with this band’s music at all this could have ended up any sort of garbage but I gotta say that I was positively surprised by the A-side. “Kontroll” is a good song. There is a melodic sense to it that grabbed me immediately. I got a really cool vibe of Imperiet having gone Bauhaus or Joy Division listening to the A-side. Some sort of death rock. The B-side is a cover of Swedish band Kent. I will leave it at t that. Anders Ekdahl

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