ALIASES “Safer Than Reality”

“Safer Than Reality “
Now that I know what the hell Djent is, it is with renewed vigour I take on bands like Aliases. I can appreciate the hard work all bands put into their music even if I at times don’t understand their music. So it is with a mild trepidation that I take on “Safer Than Reality” with hopes that it will be just what the title says; safer than reality. I don’t know if it is because this is just an 8 track, 28 minutes long MCD that I like it or if it is because Aliases’ tech metal ala Meshuggah appeals to me. I guess I’ll go with the latter. What speaks for Aliases is just the fact that the songs aren’t too long. With so much going on in them you’d easily be lost had they gone on too long. Now you never lose interest. Whilst maybe not safer than reality this wasn’t the scary ride I feared. Anders Ekdahl

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