Alien – “Eternity”


Alien – “Eternity” (AOR Heaven)

Wow, it doesn’t get more 80s than this! Alien was formed in Gothenburg in 1986 by guitarist Tony Borg and vocalist Jim Jidhed and after just 2 singles were signed by Virgin Scandinavia worldwide! Despite success and on the verge of hitting the US, Jidhed left the band to pursue a solo career and there began the inevitable line up changes through the 90s and the new millennium. Whilst the band have been active and continued to periodically release material I’m not sure how much impact they continue to make outside of their native Sweden. However, that might be all about to change as since 2010 they are back to their original line up and the proof positive of this is “Eternity” – a premiere entry in the AOR market! Quite frankly how they wrote songs this good is beyond me, but it attests to the bond of steel strong relationships and resilient talent – it’s like a hidden album from the 80s but it’s actually new! Musically rockier than Bon Jovi but mellower than Europe, although comparisons are there especially in Borg’s lite metal solos, the once again Jidhed’s vocals are less high but actually are better cos he sounds like Bryan Adams during his heyday! Amazingly the rest of the band don’t seem a day older judging by the fresh energetic playing on upbeat songs like ‘Unbroken’, ‘Summer Of Love’ and ‘Look At Us Now’ – all brimming with positive, uplifting enthusiasm and a tearful nostalgia vividly captured in the authentic 80s sound – just check out those synths on ‘What Goes Up’! Self produced to perfection Alien decided to add a song, ‘I’m A Fighter’, written back in the 80’s by their L.A. co-writers Pam Barlow and Janet Morrison Minto, as thanks to their co-work on the debut album. The regained contact with Pam and Janet led to them writing lyrics for this album as well! Released on the aptly titled AOR Heaven label, “Eternity” attests to the love and passion that never fades over time or distance like it sez in the Survivor like ‘Burning Heart’ – Alien are truly back and with a number one album!

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