ALIEN KEN “Son Extraordinary”

“Son Extraordinary”
I have no idea why Roswell and its UFO history still fascinates people almost 70 years later but if we get anything good out of it I’m not one to complain. The whole aura surrounding Norwegian Alien Ken is that of abduction, secrecy and paranoia. And that is just the outside. The music is a whole different kettle. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this would be some of the strangest music you’d ever heard but the reality is that musically this is pretty good hardrock/heavy metal in a rather traditional way. Alien Ken gives me the feeling that they could have come out in the 80s when hardrock with strong melodies wasn’t something to be ashamed of. Maybe they do have something in common with fellow Norwegians TNT in that both bands are very melody driven. Anders Ekdahl

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