Battle Helm Rating

I have for my entire life been living next doors to Denmark and all their happy-go-lucky and “hygge”. But as you grow older you realize that that’s only the façade. Even though they try to sell us the image of how happy the Danes are in beer commercials we know. Based on that it is not too strange for a band like ALKYMIST to come from Denmark and not Sweden. This is totally doom and gloom. If you thought that Stillborn’s “Necrospiritual” was dark and foreboding you haven’t heard this one yet. This is one fucker of a dystopian doom metal album. There is only one colour to this, and it is not black. This is so grey that it makes the Ruhr area in Germany seem like Disneyland. But is it any good then? Yes, this is almost bloody brilliant if you don’t mind diving deep into the grey cesspool that is human misery. As I don’t mind at all I find this highly entertaining. Anders Ekdahl

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