All Good Things – “A Hope In Hell”

All Good Things – “A Hope In Hell” (Better Noise Music)
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Most bands begin by attracting fans through their music before releasing a hit album and then being asked to provide a soundtrack for a film or something similar – that is, except for All Good Things, who did it pretty much in reverse! With their music already appearing in television (“Prison Break”) and film (“The Retaliators”), advertisements such as for the NHL, ABC News, Fox, WWE Smackdown, Sony Playstation (“Fallout”), and their videos streamed and viewed more than 100 million times, people began asking who the composers were, where they could get more of their music, and when they were going to appear live! Initially starting off as friends jamming until Extreme Music licensed a couple of their songs under the name “Battle Rock”, such was the (unexpected) demand that this group of LA based musicians decided to mobilise to make All Good Things a reality, spurred on by the inspiration from their fans, many of whom were gamers who had been in turn been energised by the spirit and energy of the music. Now signed to Better Noise Music, whose labelmate Craig Mabbitt of multi-platinum band Escape The Fate guests on one of the 13 tracks, “A Hope In Hell” will see the band go public when they embark on their first tour joining the P.O.D. Satellite 20th anniversary tour, along with labelmates From Ashes To New and Sleep Signals. While the music is diverse in reflecting the musicians’ own varied backgrounds, the central theme of massive empowering anthemic rock with deep emo pop melodies and gripping electronica is what matters, often conveyed on an epic scale as it has been composed with ‘..imagery and montages..’ in mind to tell a story that in turn modern media has been attracted to. It’s a winning combination as you begin to see how that concept is turned into a very successful (sur)reality on opener ‘Kingdom’, as slick electronic beats meld with air punching arena rock and singalong pop and emo vocals backed by massive epic choruses – honestly, it does feel that you can take on a zombie army and survive the apocalypse! Rap rocking in with conviction on the Nu Metal of ‘Undefeated’, the emotion builds with dramatic operatic choirs as the pumping electronica and deep piano melts your soul before the heart-breaking chorus hits like a hammer shattering glass – superb. Bringing an overwhelming sense of unity on ‘End Of The World’, Dan Murphy’s soul contrasts with Randy Cooke’s powerful drumming in leading up to the gigantic singalong chorus fed by anthemic backing vocal chants of ‘…we are the Earth, we are the whole world…you are the past, we are the future…we can make it through the end of the world…’ topped off by more stylish electronica bringing in its finesse once again. Well-conceived and with their hearts in the right place, All Good Things and their loyal following are striving together to set things right and thanks to “A Hope In Hell”, you can believe that you’ll make it out alive too…..
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