All We Expected/Raum Kingdom – Split

all we expect

All We Expected/Raum Kingdom – Split (Self-Released)

If you’re a fan of the eclectic ‘post metal’ genre, then these 2 upcoming bands will no doubt appeal to you – or indeed anyone taking joy in huge volumes of decibel abuse contrasted by ethereal tranquility where you could hear a pin drop! First up are Belgium’s All We Expected, an instrumental quartet who clearly subscribe to the aforementioned formula with massive doses of strummed guitars and bass – along with ear shattering drums – and whose songs like ‘We’re Not Born to Live Like Brute’ match their mammoth noise to their epic 10 minute plus durations. Of course, what makes it all special are the tantalizing dark melodies that powerfully build into their own climatic eruption along to the band’s churning primordial frenzy of fretboard sliding noise and feedback a la Trail Of The Dead. Ireland’s Raum Kingdom by contrast, are far more laid back in their heavy, stoner groove and Dave Lee’s trippy vox that builds trance like before switching into raw, visceral guitar and sub screamo vocals as on the 12 minute ‘Lost In The Hunt’. Again, along with Lee’s hypnotic vocals come some splendid dark metallic melodies that add a ritualistic touch in brilliantly contrasting the savage smog hazed feedback drenched atmosphere. Already one step ahead with their self-titled 5-track EP, an LP is currently under progress and will be released some time in the near future. All in all a great sampler from two promising bands that demand to be heard more of – as if you could ignore them with all that noise!

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