Allegaeon – “Elements Of The Infinite”


Allegaeon – “Elements Of The Infinite” (Metal Blade Records)

NOT METALCORE, DEATHCORE or any other CORE! Now onto their 3rd release, it doesn’t get any more clearer from this modern melodic death metal Colorado crew with a big step outta the shadows compared to its predecessors – along with a revamped lineup! Gone is Ryan Glisan replaced by guitarist Michael Stancel as well as the arrival of Brandon Park, who will hopefully put an end to the band’s drummer limbo. Along with their trademark math fretboard warblings, frictionless precision double bass drumming and Ezra Haynes’s hoarse, near rasping vocals come haunting dark melodies, djent bass rumblings and gothic soundscapes with some of the electronic melodies even bordering on nu metal! Furiously chundering like a full on pit on some occasions while blissfully sailing along elsewhere to Greg Burgess’s neo classical guitarwork, songs like ‘Tyrants Of The Terrestrial Exodus‘, ‘Through Ages Of Ice’ and ‘Genocide For Praise’ take thinking man’s death metal into its final degree, both for its technical extremity but moreover, their brilliant song structures in being able to interlace a range of stylish sounds that only enhance the talent behind this material even more. Matching equally cerebrally on the lyrical front from topics dissecting Dyson spheres to discussing humanity’s eventual exodus from earth, “Elements Of The Infinite” continues to remain true to the spirit of the band while pushing the boundaries of their maturity further out, allowing them to do things that they’ve always wanted to, but just haven’t been able to in the past.

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