Allegaeon – “Formshifter”

Allegaeon – “Formshifter” (Metal Blade)

Allegaeon essentially play modern melodic death metal characterized by hoarse raw deathlike vocals from Ezra Haynes, and buzzing dervish riffs mixed in with In Flames melodies and emo core warblings courtesy of guitarists Ryan Glisan and Greg Burgess, who clearly also like to show their technical skills like on the cool Spanish guitar work on the acoustic ‘Twelve’. Allegaeon’s music is certainly fast, but not to blurring levels of insanity, but instead controlled as evidenced by the precision drum work on songs like ‘The Azrael Trigger’, ‘Tartessos: The Hidden Xenocryst’ and ‘From The Stars Death Came’, that touch on ancient civilizations and especially Atlantis, which is refreshing from the usual death metal lyrical fodder. All in all, Allegaeon leave me thinking of them as Colorado’s DM equivalent to Agent Steel, who musically compared to their peers at the time, but were a world apart when it came to their philosophies!

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