Allerjen – “Equilibrium”

Allerjen – “Equilibrium” (Brutal Elite Records)

Formerly known as Sphere, this Manchester band have gone thru changes from their name thru to evolving from Nu Metal to extreme metal and so on pretty much in line with the metal scene. Thankfully what gives “Equilibrium” a chance is that elements of their past have remained with them and come together on songs like the catchy opener ‘Destroyer Of Worlds’ to the Kreatoresque techno thrash of ‘Achieving Equilibrium’ to the gothic emo death of ‘Humanoid’, with its classical cello outro. All in all, the 10 tracks on “Equilibrium” show that Allerjen have finally found a ‘sound’ so let’s hope this remains and the band focus now on enriching the quality of their material, less they be relegated into the ‘also ran’ division of bands ever evolving in chasing the dragon of aspiring success.

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