Almah – “Motion”

(AFM Records)

Well, with reference to their biblical name, they ain’t no virgins LOL! Fronted by none other than Angra’s vocalist Edu Falschi, this is the next Brazilian metal monster to be unleashed and what a chundering beast it is too – at times the riffs are on par with Sepultura!! Given the number of high quality musicians that have guested with Edu, I often wondered where he would take this solo project. Now it seems he has been blessed with the right permanent line up in fellow Angra bud Felipe Andreoli (bass), Berkley-graduated guitar wiz Marcelo Barbosa, powerhouse drummer Marcelo Moreira and a master of fast solos and heaviest riffs, Paulo Schroeber, who can play everything from thrash metal to jazz and fusion! It’s a fantastic combination of talent that gives excitement and life in songs like ‘Late Night In ’85’, ‘Zombies Dictator’ and the aptly titled ‘Days Of The New’ although it’s important to bear in mind that those expecting a mere (?) Angra copycat are likely to be in for a pleasant surprise, as Almah offer a whole lot more as gifted by the talent!!

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