Battle Helm Rating

There are band names that makes you wonder what kind the band plays. ALMOST HUMAN has a band name that can be almost anything, from hardrock to grindcore. But that is what makes it fun to put this one on. Although I kinda know, based on the label, I am not a hundred percent sure what this will be. Listen to this makes me realize that I am not that well versed in the more modern metal of this world. It also makes me feel slightly old. But to my credit, I do try to take in all this new metal that is floating about. What I do like about this is that there is an aggression to it that mixed with a sort of melodic sensibility makes this a nice listen. In a way, without any further comparisons, this reminds me of when I heard Machine Head’s debut album back in the 90s. I like this album much more than I thought I would. This is my kinda modern metal. Anders Ekdahl

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