ALMS “Act One”

”Act One”
(Shadow Kingdom Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I know what an Alm is in Swedish. It is a tree. I have no idea what it is in English, other than a really cool doom metal band from Baltimore, Maryland. This is the true classic doom sound that Black Sabbath laid the foundation to with their debut album back in 1970, the year I was born. I honestly think that that is why I am so bloody in love with anything that has the slightest ring of the 70s. Both I and “Black Sabbath” was born in the same year. The universe had a plan with that. But back to ALMS. This is the kind of music that really transcends any boundaries and just end up being there, existing in a realm all its own. This is for all doom aficionados and for everybody with an interest in heavy doomy music with a dreamy aura. Anders Ekdahl

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