ALPHASTATE ”Out Of The Black”

”Out Of The Black”

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With the intent on taking 80s metal into the 00s this Greek band set out in their mission in 2014. And with “Out Of The Black” they are ready to set the world ablaze. I gotta admit that it got my heart pumping from the very first note. I like it when an album starts on a high note and then just keep climbing. There is nothing like being hit to the head from the start. And when the band manages to keep it up for more than one track then they have me hooked. This is up tempo heavy metal with a very clear nudge to the 80s. And even though I am not sentimental I still hold 80s metal high on my list of fave metal eras. It has that early Ozzy feel to it, yet with a modern touch mixed with the melodic metal of a band like Primal Fear. A clear winner to my ears. Anders Ekdahl

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