ALTAR OF OBLIVION “Grand Gesture Of Defiance”

“Grand Gesture Of Defiance”
(Shadow Kingdom Records)
It’s not that often I get to hear new Danish metal. From having been a country to look to for new, great metal (especially if you only lived 20 minutes with a ferry and 60 minutes to Copenhagen) the Danes have trailed far behind. So whenever I get to hear a (to me) new band from Denmark I take the time to enjoy the moment. This is heavy. I don’t think I’ve heard a Danish band as heavy as this before. I’m a huge fan of doom metal and this I think is my first Danish doom metal band. This is doom that has nothing to do with Candlemass. Think instead bands like Revelation and the whole early Rise Above catalogue mixed with bands like Witchfinder General and you get a pretty good idea where this band’s coming from. Anders Ekdahl

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