ALTAR OF SIN “Tales Of Carnage First Class”

“Tales Of Carnage First Class”
(Xtreem Music)
Spain might not be the first place you think of if you like extreme metal but once you dig a bit deeper you’ll find a treasure that isn’t that hidden. Xtreem Music has for some time brought the world a bucketful of bands that in various degrees bring forth Spain as a metal country to count on. Altar Of Sin are thrash metal on the extreme end of the scale. This is thrash metal the way Kreator or Destruction were thrash metal in the 80s (no other comparisons done). This is full on blasting metal that takes no prisoners. It just leaves victims; decimated, decapitated and left for dead victims. This is carnage put to music. And it is pretty darn good too, if you like your thrash to beat you to a pulp. This is “work-out for the neck” music. Anders Ekdahl

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