ALUNAH “White Hoarhound”

“White Hoarhound”
I think that I’ve read about Alunah. Don’t know why where but there is a familiarity to this band that has to come from somewhere. This English band is supposed to be the future of doom. Big words from the critics and hopefully they won’t be bringing the band down. I don’t know why but for some reason this makes me think of another English band from back then; Sacrilege. And it’s not just because they both have a female vocalist but because there is something to their doom that resonates the same. And while not being Candlemass in its doom ALUNAH are heavy in a way that Revelation or Dream Death were. This is doom the way Rise Above presents doom. Really cool stuff that should be in any and every doom fan’s collection. I know that I’m gonna track down even more of their recorded work. Anders Ekdahl

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