AMASSADO “Escravidoa Subliminal”

“Escravidoa Subliminal”
(To React Records)
This wasn’t what I kinda expected it to be. I had kinda set my mind to some sort of Brujeria grindcore assault but this Brazilian/Italian combo turned out much more Max Cavalera than I had thought. This is like an amalgamation of all the stuff that Max has done over the years from Sepultura to Soulfly. OK, that might be a bit of an over exaggeration but that was the first thing that hit my mind when I heard this new album by Amassado. OK, so it might remind me of max a lot but that aside I kinda like this. It’s not the stuff that I would put on all the time but in the right mood for some heavy, groovy extreme metal I might put this on just as likely as any Soulfly or Ektomorf album. Anders Ekdahl

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