American Glutton – “Dish Served Cold”

American Glutton – “Dish Served Cold” EP (From The Ashes Records)

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Oh yeah baby, check out the monster grooves on this one! With its rich history in rock music, Jacksonville FL once again comes up trumps with American Glutton. Despite their strange name, there’s simply no messin’ on this handsome 5 track debut EP. A power trio made up of guitarist Tommy Harrison (Dogs of Pleasure) and bassist Dani Harrison (The Trainwreckers), both from the Denver scene along with well known solo southern rocker (and University of Central Florida professor!) Raven Cain on vocals, “Dish Served Cold” may be titled such, but listening to red blooded songs like the stomping ‘My War’, the dark power groovin ‘Sin City’ and the rhyming n rocking ‘God Knows’ expect nothing less than heavy, swaggering riffs along with dirty, arrogant melodies that flip you the finger as they smash and pulsate their attitude into you with irresistible power! Anyone and especially old school metallers like me will instantaneously be turned onto the sound here rooted in Sabbath but honed to street pummeling brutality by the likes of Pantera and Down. While being neither as slow nor mean as any of these bands probably thanks to Cain’s soulful and altogether more laid back vocals which definitely add an Alice In Chains feel to the material, American Glutton offers a take no prisoners hard n heavy rock that will surely kick your ass – after searing it with a 100% Made in USA fire brand – hell yeah!

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