American Glutton – “Fruit Will Rot”

American Glutton – “Fruit Will Rot” EP (From The Ashes Records)
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Well, if ya didn’t get to hear the awesome power trio of guitarist Tommy Harrison (Dogs of Pleasure), bassist Dani Harrison (Hippie Werewolves, The Trainwreckers) and well known solo southern vocalist Raven Cain serving it up thick n mean on 2017’s red blooded debut “Dish Served Cold”, then this smokin’ 7 track EP will have you salivating for even more. Combing Sabbath’s droning fuzz with Southern boogie, sprinkled here n there with Priest and other classic rockers, American Glutton don’t hold back on their massive lashings of groove whatsoever – and all US certified grade ‘A’ I might add! Now expanded to include drummer Kirk Ferguson (Conflict Of Interest), the group has wisely expanded its sights on the heavy metal scene in Europe, where the fuzz thick drone on ‘Ego Maniac’ will have any headbanger in a fit before Cain’s laid back soul along the lines of ‘…I’ll take it anyway I can get it…’ mellows them out in true, Southern fried fashion. Then there’s the dirty riffs to ‘Heaven And Hell’ along with the thudding drums of Ferguson adding a thick fuzz carpet over the top of which comes Cain’s higher and cleaner vocals, but still brimming with plenty of sass n fire as Tommy’s guitar stokes it even more through his licks and solo. Bringing in the cowpoke blues on ‘Lies’, Cain’s Southern soul is just all heart as it’s classily backed by some deep acoustic guitar before firing off with double kick drums and massive fuzz riffs on this incredible fire n ice number that really impresses. And if there’s an outlaw in you, then ‘FU’ is definitely for  you, an all out rager with aggressive riffs, rock dog vocals of ‘..we’re out of control in the midst of insanity..make your mockery out’ve humanity..’ and pistoning drums all leading up to the huge shouted out chorus of ‘…you can kiss my ass, that’s the truth…an’ if ya don’t like that…then hey – FUCK YOU!!’. Big ass grooves and big time attitude made for the big country, it’s all over American Glutton. 
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