AMERICAN ”Violate And Control”

”Violate And Control”
(Sentient Ruin)

Battle Helm Rating

I am not the greatest fan of powerviolence. To be honest I have no idea what it really is and if I’ve ever heard anything from that genre. But I do know that I like a bit of noise mixed in with my metal. You might think what you like about this band’s moniker but it is the music that I am here to judge, not the name. Listen to this is for me like listening to modern day Mayhem. I hear what they are playing but I do not always understand it. I can honestly say that I am lost in the purpose of this. perhaps I need to be I a right kind of mind frame to fully enjoy this. A track like “Amarous and Subdued” I can enjoy but then there are parts of this album that just passes me by unnoticed. My overall impression is that I like it but it needs to grow on me for me to fully understand it. Anders Ekdahl

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