Ammunition – “Ammunition”

Ammunition – “Ammunition” (Frontiers Music)

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Whoaaahhh – no kidding, these guys came to rock armed with plenty of musical bullets! Ammunition was founded in 2014 by the songwriting duo of vocalist Age Sten Nilsen (ex-Wig Wam) and multi-talented Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse, W.E.T., Nordic Union). Releasing their debut “Shanghaied” in 2015, they teamed up with former TNT and Jack In The Box bassist Victor Cito Borge, keysman Lasse Finbråten (Circus Maximus, ex-Wig Wam), skinsman Magnus Ulfstedt (Eclipse), and exceptional guitar player Jon Pettersen, soon making a name for themselves as a live act. Well, I can see what all the fuss is about, as this is an awesome album with some of the most incredible hard / melodic rock songs you’re ever likely to hear this side of the Atlantic – the fact that the single version of ‘Wrecking Crew’ has not only charted but taken the band to the Norwegian Eurovision grand finale says it all! Needless to say, Ammunition play it just how they sound: massive amounts of super catchy balls heavy rock out riffs matched by incredible heart grabbing melodies and nuclear tipped solos that will have you in musical (and probably actual) orgasms time and again. From GnR to Europe to LA Guns and Oasis, Ammunition have taken on all that’s best and put it into the 11 incredible songs here that shake, rock and roll your soul to the very bones through the super tight musicianship and live sound on this self titled sophomore. From the stadium stomp of ‘Freedom Finder’ the power singalong chorus just melts you away through its passion – and that’s before the solos burn you to a cinder – oh yeah baby, definitely a total rocker!! If it’s soulful atmosphere then you’ll find an ocean in ‘Eye For An Eye’ with its hard drums contrasting powerfully with the delicate mandolin like guitar as Age Sten Nilsen (who does remind me of Joey Tempest) sings it through oh so beautifully to tear jerking levels. And if its arrogant swank that you want, then just wait for ‘Tear Your City down’ as Nilsen upps the volume and the rocker harmonies in the background roar before yet more teasing guitar and melodic solos take the song to a blinding close in fine style. A truly superb album and what an incredible start to the new year!

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