“Magic Machine”

Battle Helm Rating

AN ENDLESS SPORADIC. Does that not sound like another of these clever metalcore bands names that we’ve seen of late. Like Between The Buried And Me and whatever it is that they are called. Yeah, I know. I always say; don’t judge the band by its name. So I won’t. I will pass my verdict once I’ve listened to this. Fortunately, well it could have been a really cool metalcore act, this is prog. And since I can’t get enough of Dream Theater this will hopefully help filling my fix for good prog. And it does start in a really great manner. This makes me think of both Dream Theater as well as older UK prog acts like IQ or Pallas. A combination that serves me very well. This is the kind of music you can drift along to in you conscious. Just open up and let it in and then the music does the rest. The best kind of stress reliever I’ll ever find. This is magical Anders Ekdahl

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