AN OCEAN OF VOID “Demo 2012”

”Demo 2012”
I wasn’t the greatest Isis fan for a very long time I thought that they were a too hyped band but then I bought their recorded work and started to get into them. Now I’m a devotee. French AN OCEAN OF VOID claim to be post metal of sorts. I for one welcome anything that will take my beloved metal a step further. If you like the more somber side of Opeth and think that Isis was the bestg thing since sliced bread then this will be to your liking. There are very few sharp edges on this album. Sure, they do up the ante a couple of times but most of the time it is like being dragged on a path of silk. It caresses your very being. I like this just as much as I thought I would. Yeah, I know. I’m a big teddy bear at heart really. Anders Ekdahl

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