ANATA “The Infernal Depths of Hatred”

“The Infernal Depths of Hatred”

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I would not go as far as calling this a classic Swedish death metal band. Sure, ANATA where around when Swedish death metal blasted on to the universal scene but to me they were more of a peripheral kind of band; operating on the outskirts of it all. So I never really cared too much for them back then. Will I regret it now that their album gets a rerelease? I have to say that this has stood the test of time really well. You can’t really hear that this was produced in the 90s. If that means that death metal hasn’t evolved in the last 20 years or if this album was ahead of its time I’ll leave uncommented. The one thing I do know is that I would have liked this in 93 just as much as I like it in 2016. This is brutal death metal a far cry from the Swedish of that time. Much more Americanized.. Anders Ekdahl

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