ANCARA “Chasing Shadows”

“Chasing Shadows”
(DKS Music Oy)
Naming your band after the Turkish capital might not be the brightest idea (despite the different spelling). It’s a rather anonymous band name. This Finnish band are nothing but anonymous by the sound of their hardrock. Perhaps a bit too mainstream for my taste but with the success of Finnish bands like Lordi or Nightwish they might garner the interest that they deserve. This is hardrock the way it sounded in the 80s. Strong melodies, an up-tempo beat and large vocals. When bands like Bon Jovi or Cinderella or Poison or Warrant ruled the charts and set enough young girls hearts afire with their sugary hardrock to light up a smaller city. Ancara are no worse than any other of these hardrock bands. I quite like the melodies. In fact I have nothing at all against the band. This is good enought o be played over and over again. Anders Ekdahl

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