”El Rito”
I gotta admit that Peru is a blank to me when it comes to South American metal. I used to have a decent idea about the Colombian scene in the 90s. The Brazilian and Chilean scenes I’ve followed over the years but the Peruvian scene has huge holes that needs to be filled. This three way split contains bands that I’m not familiar with. ANCESTRAL is (not so) primitive black metal as I thought at first. It is actually quite good. From what I understand the recording is a demo from 2008. NON SERVIAM on the other hand is more of a death metal assault, yet with a black metal touch. This is much more in the South American tradition. I like this band too. There is a charm to it. OFFENSOR is the last band out. This is death metal with a doomy touch. I like the raw sound that they got, well all three have it really. There is a charm to all three bands that proves to me that there is hope for the Peruvian extreme metal scene too. Anders Ekdahl

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