ANCIENT DOME “The Void Unending”

“The Void Unending”
(Punishment 18)

Battle Helm Rating

Back in the 80s there were a couple labels that I followed and tried to collect all their releases. Back then it was so much easier to follow a label or two but at the same time harder because the distribution channels wasn’t that widely developed as today. Nowadays I have given up on following specific labels. Yet there are a couple that I have a keen eye on. One is Punishment 18. So whenever I come across a release with that stamp on it I sit up and take notice. ANCIENT DOME is a band that I had not heard of before but I gotta say that I do like their thrash. It is classic in the way that for example Flotsam & Jetsam played it back in the days. Melodic but with an edge. A bit technical but not widdlydiddly above your head. This is classic thrash metal the way it was played by the second weave bands of the 80s/90s. Anders Ekdahl

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