ANDROMEDA “Manifest Tyranny”

”Manifest Tyranny”
(Inner Wound Recordings)
I don’t think I’ve ever heard a full album by Andromeda. Somehow I feel excited to get to hear this new one. I have high hopes for it to be a massive progressive metal album. I don’t know how massive this album is but progressive it is. I love Dream Theater. Have since day one but I can’t say that I understand where they are coming from musically. I get that same feeling with a lot of progressive music. That I would understand it so much better had I played an instrument. In Andromeda’s music I can hear traces of 80s British prog, traces of modern prog metal and traces of something else. All these images that come to me makes for a whole that I like. It challenges me to think and everything that does that can when done right be as rewarding as the most basic extreme metal release. So for that reason alone I like this album. That is musically also speaks to me adds to my overall positive view of “Manifest Tyranny”. Anders Ekdahl

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