“The Avatar”’
(Shadow Kingdom)

Battle Helm Rating

This was originally released in 1987 and is considered by many as the holy grail of US heavy metal. An album so rare that if you find it you gotta grab it immediately. I cannot say that I remember this band from the fanzine days of the 80s so I guess it was even rare back when it was new. Had I not known that this was a US band I would have thought so just from the music. This is very dramatic metal. If you want your metal to be the fist in the air pounding kind you better look beyond the first track/intro. This is a true heavy metal release. I don’t know why but a band that keeps popping up in my head is Hammers Of Misfortune. I also get a Spina Tap feeling from this, and no I am not being sarcastic. Because this is no joke. But it has that OTT feel to it. This did turn out to be a real classic. Anders Ekdahl

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