Anger As Art – “Ad Mortem Festinamus”


Anger As Art – “Ad Mortem Festinamus” (Old School Metal Records)

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Forget the anger management, this lot are about as pissed off as you can get! Featuring ex members of Abattoir, Evil Dead, Bloodlust, Hirax, Bitch and fed up of poseurs, quitters and generally not being heard, Anger As Art is the new LA bad boy kicking up old school thrash like it used to be served – with heaps of venomous attitude!! Founded in a hotel room in Cleveland back in 2004 by guitarist / vocalist Steve Gaines, 4 albums and 2 world tours with Destruction, Overkill, Testament, Death Angel, Exodus, Saxon, Agent Steel, Onslaught, Katatonia and many more have seen Anger As Art serve up first rate thrashers time and again. Don’t be expecting ‘progression’ or ‘commerciality’ – the very words would only be hollered out by these 4 angry hombres from the street! Try instead razor sharp classic riffing, neck snapping bass, roaring vocals and power driving drums! Well, there’s plenty of other bands doing that the world over so what makes Anger As Art ‘first rate’ is their pedigree in terms of primo quality riffs, the superior song arrangements and of course, heaps of hard melodies that add meaty hooks to ripping songs like ‘Pissing On Your Grave’, ‘Aim For The Heart’ and ‘We Hurry Into Death’. Even closing with the soulful, acoustic thrash ballad of ‘Praise Of The Firehead’ in a very epic Metallica style shows there is really no wimping out one iota. Add in the wailing neo classical solos along with gang shout outs and “Ad Mortem Festinamus” is yet another uncompromising superior thrash release guaranteed to say what it does on its very metallic tin!

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