Angra – “Angels Cry – 20th Anniversary Tour”


Angra – “Angels Cry – 20th Anniversary Tour” CD/ DVD (earMusic Edel)

Commemorating the anniversary release of their debut, Brazil’s premier power metal band pulled out all the stops in recording this spectacular double live album in their hometown of San Paulo. Now joined by ex Rhapsody vocalist Fabio Lione, they have a seasoned vocalist to match their majesty as he effortlessly handles songs drawn from their history like the driving metal of ‘Nothing To Say’, that gets the crowd going nuts to the prog like ‘Winds of Destination’ mixing opera with ambiance to the heavenly closer of ‘Nova Era’. Lione’s performance is nothing short of faultless – as is the matching and dextrous guitar work of founder Rafael Bittencourt and long time member Kiko Loureiro. Still, Angra go a lot further for their fans in bringing onstage the string quartet of Familia Lima to delicately enhance songs like ‘The Voice Commanding You’ whilst during ‘Evil Warning’ Torture Squad’s drummer Amilcar Christopharo makes his presence felt. But it’s the special guest appearance of ex Scorpions virtuoso guitarist Ulrich Roth and ex Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen during the cover of Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ where you can hear the crowd wail in awe to the spectacular performance of so many top quality musicians on one stage, especially Turunen’s goth opera take on Bush’s original soprano style. Being Brazillian, the emotion of course builds to fever pitch during ‘Reaching Horizons’ where the crowd join in to sing along, ultimately ensuring the gig goes beyond that to an event resonating the energy that bonds everyone in that arena together. You may wish you were there that night and on this CD, along with the generously foto laden booklet, you might just have been. 

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