ANGUISH SUBLIME “Maelstrom Imperium”

“Maelstrom Imperium”
(Silent Watcher Records)

Battle Helm Rating

After a demo and a couple of EPs it is now time for Serbian melodic death metal troupe ANGUISH SUBLIME to deliver a full length. Not having heard a single note from this new release, or any other releases, making their acquaintance makes me a bit curious. Not that geography matter in this day and age of internet but it is still cool to hear a band from Serbia, just as it is cool to hear a band from Peru or Singapore. It seems everybody has their definition of what melodic death metal is. This to me sounds more like early My Dying Bride with a more death metal edge. If that too is the definition of melodic death metal then I am down with it. And I am not saying that as a bad thing. This one turned out to be really cool. I like what I hear. This whole mid tempo thing is quite intriguing. There is a grand and almost epic feel to the music. A really cool release that surprised me more than I ever thought it would. Anders Ekdahl

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