Anguish – “Through The Archdemons Head”

Anguish – “Through The Archdemons Head” (Dark Descent Records)

Resplendent in fox furs and bathed in animal blood, there’s no doubt these Swedes will cause no small amount of people a great deal of anguish, but pets aside, they also produce epic doom par excellence! Taking early Black Sabbath (a la ‘Master Of Reality’), mixing it with ‘Morbid Tales’ era Celtic Frost and giving it Candlemass’s funeral doom touch, Anguish have arrived at a lethal cocktail that should carry a (mental) health warning: if you thought dinosaur rock was dead, beware as there is still one solitary beast lurking. Stonehenge drums, bottom heavy bass, and raw fuzz toned guitars coil riffs around you like a python slowly crushing you to death on gargantuan epics like ‘Lair Of The Gods’, ‘When The Ancients Dare To Walk’ and ‘Morbid Castle’. Most of all, J Dee’s demented vocals are like a cross between Ozzy, Tom Warrior and Lemmy – you couldn’t ask for better (the man is gonna be a star – a dark star LOL – Ed). At times the music is seemingly disjointed, but with an average song time of 6 mins I actually think it adds to the flavour and reflects a truly creative and underground release. The cover says it all really…a desolate shack atop a bloody ice strewn mountain with a foxes head stuck on a pole!!!

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