This might sound like me complaining but I never really got the whole idea of releasing an EP. I understand the economical side of going into a studio but why not spend that extra cash on some extra studio time and end up with a full length album. But that is me. I guess to German ANIMA SEMENTIS there is a point to releasing a three track EP of apocalyptic black/death metal. But if that is what we get this time I’ll have to settle for it. For some reasons I imagined this German band to be in the vein of Behemoth. Chaotic, frenetic and bloody brilliant. And to a certain degree they are but with the difference of them being more symphonic black metal in sound. This is full on metal blast from start to stop. There is something to this kind of hit-you-to-the-head metal that I like. You don’t need to think too much while you listen to this. You just sit back and enjoy a good thrashing. Anders Ekdahl

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