Ann my Guard – “Ourania”

Ann my Guard – “Ourania” (Rock ’N’ Growl Records)

Battle Helm Rating

If you’re looking for something more femini-ballsy that girlie pop rock acts like Paramore or Avril Lavigne, then prepare yourselves for the gutsy Ann my Guard! The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist composer Eszter Anna Baumann-Toth, she’s already managed to put out 2 EPs in “Cinderella’s Syndrome” and “Doll Metal” as well as her debut album in “Innocence Descent” – not to mention winning 1st prize from the Hungarian Music 1 channel’s talent competition for her “Crush Honey” video!! Attracting the attention of US, Norwegian and UK labels and working under the wing of Zoltán Varga, Hungary’s most successful and acknowledged rock producer, Baumann-Toth is nothing short of a composing brainchild whose passion for ‘…ethereal feminine vocals with heavy guitar riffs and dark melodies…’ bleeds from her rich material, which is sure to be loved by anyone into heavy music, yet also wanting heartfelt tenderness and emotion. A lover of mythical metaphors, the 9 tracks on “Ourania” are aimed at elevating the listener to a new level of freedom instead of pulling them down and she does this in abundance through tastefully combining quality folk harmonies, modern punchy hard rock, catchy Eastern European dance rock elements , delicate orchestra strings, and blissful piano. It’s all done to great effect, the result being impressive, powerfully passionate songs like the hard driving punkish rock of ‘Obsidian Tears’ or the dark gothic blackness of ‘Hekate’ and the hugely catchy modern rock of ‘Callisto’ – honestly, there is so much going on here, and his young lady has so much going for her those aforementioned girlie bands are like fallen petals compared to the full bloom of Ann my Guard. 

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