ANNO DIABOLI “Morbid Dreams”

“Morbid Dreams”
Just from looking a t pictures of ANNO DIABOLI I get a feeling that this will be “old school” black metal. For some reason I came to think of a Czech band from the 90s that wrote lyrics in Norwegian. And while that was admirable the last laugh was on the band. ANNO DIABOLI is musically far from a joke. This is symphonic black metal. Whenever I see the words symphonic and black metal connected I immediately think of Dimmu Borgir but this is anything but a Dimmu Borgir rip off. I’d say that this band is as far away from being that as is possible. Instead I’d say that this is a more organic take on Limbonic Art’s blackish metal. If you can imagine a black metal Nocturnus around “The Key” you might be on to what ANNO DIABOLI sounds like. This one surprised me. And only positively. Anders Ekdahl

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