ANNOMINUS “The Architect”

”The Architect”
(Mighty Music)

Battle Helm Rating

I am not the biggest connoisseur of either Gojira or Mastodon. I have not heard a single album by either and barely a full song. So I am not the best to tell if this has any sort of resemblances to either bands. Not that I really care. All I go by is my gut feeling. From listening to the opening track I get a feeling of being alone at sea. There is a really foreboding feel to it. And that feeling keeps coming back in all tracks. This is a concept album about “how we, as humans, can become discouraged by the world we live in, as well as how we can get up from the ashes again – or let ourselves be destroyed by ourselves”. With that in mind it would be strange if the music was happy-go-lucky. I didn’t know anything about ANNOMINUS before this album but now I am glad that it did come my way. This is sad metal. Hard and heavy but with a melodic sensibility that sets it apart. Anders Ekdahl

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