Anterior – “Echoes of the Fallen”

“Echoes of the Fallen”
(Metal Blade Records)

To me Anterior are one of the success stories of our new found technological age: formed in school at the tender age of 17, this Welsh band came to worldwide attention largely thru social networking. That’s not saying they’re not good – far from it in fact. Anterior take the original Gothenburg melodic death sound, polish it up and then add in a touch of metalcore on songs like ‘Sleep Soundly No More’, ‘Blood In The Throne Room’ and ‘Echoes Of The Fallen’. The melodies are what make Anterior to me: deep and meaningful, as well as being executed brilliantly by the twin guitars of Leon Kemp and Steven Nixon, sometimes melancholic a la Paradise Lost, or else epic and driving like At The Gates. By no means original, Anterior do however, offer a fresh and invigorating quality to a classic sound, and to a new generation. Given it’s been 4 long years since their debut, I’m glad Anterior have returned with such a strong sophomore in “Echoes of the Fallen”, which shows they are very much alive and kicking!

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