Anthrax – “Kings Of Scotland”

Anthrax – “Kings Of Scotland” CD/DVD (Nuclear Blast) 

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35 years on, selling in excess of 10 million units, receivers of multiple Gold and Platinum awards, 6 Grammy nominations and one of thrash metal’s ‘big 4’, Anthrax have returned to the album that broke them big – “Among The Living”. Recorded in 1987 and dedicated to the memory of Cliff Burton, it produced hits like ‘I Am The Law’ (based on 2000 AD’s Judge Dredd) and ‘Indians’ (in acknowledgement to vocalist Joey Belladona’s part Iroquois heritage) as well as defining what would become the band’s signature sound, along with introducing humour, movies and comics into an image that was a rarity back in the day. Now in 2017, Anthrax have returned with 17 cameras to capture the intensity of playing this famous album in its entirety across 18 songs totally a monumental set of 2 hours! Gamefully choosing Glasgow’s Barrowlands, they couldn’t have found a better crowd to match the band in rabid intensity, roaring along with hearty singalongs and ceaseless cheering, driving the band’s own energy on classics like ‘A.I.R’, ‘Medusa’, ‘Among The Living’, ‘I Am The Law’ – and finally delivering the killer blow in ‘Antisocial’. Now with Shadows Fall guitarist Jonathan Donais, the classic line up of Benante, Ian, Bello and Belladona remains as timeless as when I saw them back in the day, still with plenty of banter, attitude but most of all, heart in powering through such a colossal set with such a perfect performance that the title of this live album is indeed richly deserved! If you want to know what the glory of thrash metal was about back in the day – and just an amazing live release – then “Kings Of Scotland” has it stamped all over. Nise fukin life!!!

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